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If you are in the merchant cash advance industry, you are all too familiar with syndication. Almost every “funder” you work with offers syndication on every deal you fund with them. Unfortunately, less than 10% of the MCA brokers take advantage of this opportunity. The reasons for not syndicating are not important – but why wouldn’t you benefit from the opportunity in some way?

Quite honestly, most funding companies use syndicates to fund many of their deals – and it’s not just the syndication dollars from the originating broker. They turn to private “investors” because they have bank restrictions, lending parameters and a host of other reasons that cause them to fall short.


Gold Card Capital has a network of syndicates who are essentially looking to buy your syndication rights with almost every funding company you work with. This is an opportunity for you to generate another revenue stream for yourself. We have syndicates with a vast array of risk profiles. Our technology matches your deal with the syndicate(s) that most closely matches the risk profile.


Simply become a member of our community, notify us of when one of your deals are ready to fund, and we will take care of the rest.

Syndication Plus

Put your money into high yielding merchant cash advances


One of the most lucrative opportunities in the cash advance industry is the ability to syndicate in deals. Syndication is essentially crowdfunding. Many of the cash advance fundings that take place today are crowdfunded but behind the scenes.


 Very often, funding companies juggle the cost of money, default rates and overhead on a daily basis to determine the amount of deals/risk they can fund/take in any specific day. Once they have used their allotted funds, they need to rely on syndicates or risk upsetting their brokers/merchants by not funding a deal(s) until more funding becomes available.


 Until recently, there were only two ways to be a syndicate – you needed to originate the deal with the funding company, or you needed to be an “insider” – someone with a close relationship to the executive team, Board of Directors or lender to the funding company.


Gold Card Capital has formed a network of brokers and funders which has opened up the availability of syndication to members of our community. Our technology allows you to pick and choose the deals you wish to participate in…. it will also ensure you are never put in a deal that does not fit your model.


With risk comes reward – syndication is not for everyone – while it comes with higher than average returns, it does come with paying your share of the expenses – your sales consultant can and will answer all your questions and come up with the syndication model that best suits you.  What are you waiting for fill out the quick form and lets get started today.

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