Contract Financing

Contract Financing is a funding option for contractors or small businesses to execute their contracts or projects. It is a loan provided to contractors or small businesses against the signed contract or agreement to complete the contract work.

Your business also needs capital to run their operational expenses. And might be possible that your company doesn’t have the excess amount of Cash-Reserve funds. We will create an ideal funding solution to give you the support and confidence to focus on your business. It is the funding solution of advancing funds against your contractual billing. So when you want to pay your staff and suppliers or take on ambitious new projects, there’s no need to wait for your customers’ payments first.

“Contract Financing is a short-term type of funding arrangement, where Gold Card Capital provides the advanced money to the business which helps them to complete their single or multiple contracts with the clients.” The businesses will still get the payment from the company for their ongoing contract even if the business did not receive the payment from their client.


Gold Card Capital is one of the most advanced, well-funded and well-established contract financing companies.  The contract finance program at Gold Card Capital offers funding to businesses of all sizes the cash they need for optional expenses with a quick  and efficient approval process and the cash value of your contract within timely.

When should a business use Contract Financing?

Contract work as a rule is generally not paid until the work has been completed, in some instances this can be a prolonged period of time. In addition there are times small contractors will experience an influx of concurrent contracts which can deplete their cash reserves.   These times are just examples of the perfect time to consider the option of contract financing to maintain cash flow in their business.

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