Secured Lines of Credit

Secured Lines of Credit is when you take financing which is secured by collateral or guarantee.

When we talk about the Secure Line of Credit, it is exactly opposite to unsecured business line of credit. Not every business owner prefers the secured lines of credit. As when the business owner takes financing for any specific business purposes they in return need to submit their collateral as a guarantee. It can be anything like real estate, inventory or equipment.

We ask for collateral because if your business fails to repay the financing amount then from the collateral we can cover up the losses. But apart from this, the best part is while you submit the collateral in order to get a secured lines of credit you will also end up getting better financing offers. While you help us to minimize the risk by submitting your collateral in return, we help you to minimize your interest rate.

Types Of Secured Lines of Credit provided By the Gold card Capital

  •    Secured credit cards
  •    Mortgages
  •    Credit builder loans
  •    Other

Types of collateral Gold card Capital Accepts

  •    Commercial real estate
  •    Investment real estate
  •    Accounts receivables
  •    Equipment machinery
  •    Inventory
  •    Other

Benefits of Secured Credit lines at Gold Card Capital

  •    Better rates terms
  •    More flexible types of financing
  •    Not all assets have to be submitted as collateral
  •    Higher approval rates
  •    Quality financing
  •    Easy Terms and conditions
  •    Leveraging of assets


Not every business owners finds Secured Lines of Credits as a preferable option. But it is definitely beneficial to those businesses that are running successfully and want to expand. For example, one business owner who has a successful store and wants to open a second store at a  different location then he can make his first successful store his collateral and in return can take good secured lines of credit finance and can expand his business. Gold Card Capital would like to entertain those types of business owners

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