Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing can be a very effective way to access the expensive items, which your business needs to flourish. It is one of the most intelligent ways to start up and expand your business.

Gold Card Capital provides equipment leasing to small, medium and largecap companies and businesses. We offer the best market competitive price with fixed and floating rate option. We have twenty five years of experience in developing, innovative financial products and services which are flexible, affordable, and tailored to our customer specific needs.


Equipment leasing is a smart decision for any businesses. Eighty percent of businesses prefer to lease equipment rather than to buy and it makes the good business sense. Gold Card Capital can structure a lease financing contract to meet your specific needs. We have various programs for equipment leasing that can enable you to acquire, upgrade, or replace equipment easily.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

  1. You can lease almost anything

No matter what your business, the Equipment Leasing option can help you in many ways. Numerous times business owners get surprised by the leasing variety options Gold Card Capital has to offer.


  1. Immediate access to the Equipment your business needs

It’s better not to wait too long for your cash surplus savings or profit to roll in; it’s better to go for Equipment leasing as it arrives at your doorstep within days and you get your needed equipment without any long waiting. Sometimes it’s also possible businesses get high standard equipment which might be not possible to afford when purchased outright.


  1. Get your Budget under-control

Especially for start-up and new business that have a budget it make sense to keep it under control so you can maximize the profit. So Equipment leasing helps these businesses for future budgeting as you can make monthly fix payment as “fixed rates.” And sometimes it’s also negotiable.


  1. Leasing and repairs

Certain types of equipment lease come with the easy maintenance and repair services.


  1. Easy to upgrade

There are different options for different businesses. They choose according to their need.  Sometimes business chose to return the equipment and sometimes business purchase it at the end of the leasing contract to update and upgrade.


  1. Not Fixed Asset

With Equipment leasing one positive point is that it does not come under a fixed asset in your taxes. So it also won’t show in your balance sheet so you can take the advantage of tax.

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