Purchase Order Financing

When a new businesses get started, it sometimes happens that during the first year of business there comes the time when there is not enough money to run the businesses or to cover up the cost of businesses, due to their lack of surplus or Cash-Reserves.

As a result, sometimes it happenes that there is a huge order from a customer that we are not able to complete due to lack of cash. The business might not be able to afford the supplies. So this situation leads to turning the orders down, and that would obviously mean a loss of revenue and perhaps even spoil or damage the reputation or goodwill of the particular business. So to prevent this situation, GOLD CARD CAPITAL offers a purchase order financing program.

PURCHASE ORDER FINANCING is a funding option for the businesses that need cash-flow to complete their single or multiple orders for there customers. Businesses opt for Purchase Order Financing when they are in a tight cash flow situation, and not able to fulfill the client’s requirements or orders. Purchase Order Financing has a mission, or you can say Agenda to help start-ups and established companies to get the capital growth they need.


Gold Card Capital offers a Purchase Order Financing program which provides companies’ a short-term funding solution, so they can complete the orders and also can grab the growth opportunities of their businesses by getting new orders. It helps the business that’s has the potential to grow in a competitive market but due to lack of cash-reserves not able to grow. Purchase Order Financing is very easy to qualify for and any  businesses can set up quickly.


Gold Card Capital is very experienced in Purchase Order Financing. It does not only provide purchase order financing solution, but it also provides unique trade finance solutions. Gold Card Capital offers everything from finished goods supply chain finance solutions to product purchase financing. The best part of Gold Card Capital is that we help you understand your businesses which in turn help us take your businesses at the next level.


Purchase Order Financing is designed for bridging the gap between the time that your customer takes to pay you, and the time you have to pay to your suppliers.

Benefits of purchase order financing

  • Purchasing order finance is available for both newly start-up and established companies.
  • Businesses can complete their large number of purchasing orders.
  • You can use only when you need it.
  • Can be arranged or set-up quickly even twice or thrice in a month.

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