Bridge and hard money loans

A bridge loan is a short-term loan which is used as a temporary source of capital until a more traditional type of financing can be secured.

Who needs bridge loans and under which circumstances?

Real Estate Developer

You have a temporary shortage of capital while developing a property as you wait for equity/debt financing to come through.


How does the loan help you?

You can meet your day to day expenses around construction material and manpower without having to shut down the property development as you wait for the cash from your equity/debt financing to hit the bank



Real Estate Business Owner

You have just received a new contract, and you need working capital to buy additional material and hire manpower so that you can keep the project running.


How does the loan help you?

You have been in the real estate business for a while and you know what you’re doing and clients love your work. The only thing stopping your expansion is a lack of cash flows. This is the problem the loan solves for you so that you can take your business to the next level



Real Estate Investor

You purchase a ready made apartment complex or already own one and you need some funds to maintain and renovate as you find tenants or purchasers


How does the loan help you?

With an easy to access bridge loan, you will be able to make the renovations and refurbishments that will make your property thrice as attractive. This will allow you to attract tenants quicker and demand higher rent. The bridge loan can be the difference between your property being average to being stunning if taken and utilized well at the right time.

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