Health-Care Financing

Whether you are a doctor who is planning to start his own medical practice or someone who wants to expand his/her own hospital, then health care financing is the perfect funding option. Healthcare industries face a number of challenges in their daily operation to get the health care financing that there practice needs.

Gold Card Capital provides flexible, convenient financing for doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centers, nursing homes, trust society, to limited medical companies. We provide complete solutions to take care of your financial needs while you provide world quality health care services.


Over the past few years, we have seen that independent healthcare and medical practices do not struggle due to improvised health care financing and their quick and easy processing of the financing.  You can rely on Gold Card Capital. We provide a healthcare financing solution tailored to your specific needs.


We take time to understand our client’s opportunities and challenges and find ways to help them to reach their organizational goals and to overcome the challenges.

Gold Card capital has extensive expertise in the following area:

  • Home/ health hospital companies
  • Pharmacy industry
  • Behavioral health services
  • Physical/ dental practice management
  • Outpatient therapy/ rehabs
  • Medical Staffing

Gold Card Capital has the expertise to understand the challenges of the healthcare industries, and healthcare providers achieve their goals with a custom solution.

Benefits of working with Gold card Capital:

  • We make it easy
  • We deliver with speed
  • We add value
  • We work with integrity to build your trust
  • We understand the issues and design flexible healthcare lending solutions
  • We have experience working with healthcare lending professionals.

Learn more about Gold Card Capital  today. Please call for any free analysis/consultation on 1-855-479-9380 or send an email to