Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

As a young and growing company, funding is often the biggest bottleneck to growing at the pace you want. New regulations make it even more difficult for businesses to purchase or refinance property through a traditional bank loan.

This is where a Stated Income Commercial Real Estate loan comes in. It’s a viable alternative to traditional loans as it focuses more on the real estate itself instead of things like the borrower’s credit history. 


Traditional loans depend on the entire credit history and performance of the business as well as the market value of the property in question. Stated income loans, on the other hand, depend on just one thing and that is the income value of the property.


As long as the income value of the property can cover the mortgage, taxes, and insurance, approval of the loan is pretty much guaranteed.


The major categories for property purchase through a stated income loan include properties that directly lead to increased income for a companies with:


  • Warehouses
  • Retail space
  • Office space
  • Restaurant


Apart from purchase of property, loans are also taken for paying off previous debt, renovations and rehab for the property, refinance a mortgage, move equity from one property to another or get working capital for the business.


In other words, stated income loans can be taken for a variety of purposes; the key being that the income value of the loan should exceed mortgage, taxes, and insurance. Repayment terms are generally long and flexible with amortization.


Since the focus of this loan is more on the real estate property than your credit history, there are fewer documents required. This means that the loan can be processed in as little as 2 to 4 weeks; unheard of in a traditional lending scenario.


Sign up with us for Gold Card Capital’s Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans. Our team of financial professionals will ensure that your property income value is capable of servicing the insurance, taxes, and mortgage. And that will mean you get a loan based on the income your property brings in, and nothing else.

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