Business Application

Outstanding MCA's

The Business, and Owner(s)/Officer(s) identified above (jointly and individually, “Applicant”) each represent, acknowledge and agree that; (1) all information and documents provided to Cash King, Inc. dba Gold Card Capital (“GCC”) are true, accurate and complete, (2) Applicant will immediately notify GCC of any change in such information or financial condition, (3) Applicant authorizes GCC to share this application and all supporting documentation with its designated banks, financial institutions, and or other entities or individuals engaged in the financing of businesses, and each of their representatives, successors, assigns and designees (collectively, “Assignees”) and Applicant further authorizes GCC and all Assignees to request and receive any investigative reports, credit reports, statements from creditors or financial institutions, verification of information, or any other information GCC or the Assignees (collectively, Information) deem necessary to assess and evaluate a potential business finance transaction (Transaction) sought by the Applicant, including comprehensive business or personal credit histories or hard credit pulls, (4) Applicant authorizes GCC to disclose Information to its Assignees and authorizes the Assignees to disclose Information to GCC as necessary in the course of assessing and evaluating a potential Transaction, (5) Applicant waives and releases any claims against GCC, its Assignees, and any information-providers arising from any act or omission relating to the requesting, receiving or disclosing of information, and (6) each Applicant represents that the Owner, Officer, or Principal submitting this application is authorized to sign this form on behalf of the above named Business. This authorization shall be valid for one hundred twenty (120) days unless revoked in writing by Applicant.

Yes, i consent to receive information from Gold Card Capital, including but not limited to promotional offers, newsletters, and updates regarding their products and services. I understand that the information may be delivered through various channels such as email, phone, or text message. By providing my consent, I acknowledge that I have read and comprehended the Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy